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In addition to supplying the most trusted products, Schultz Lubricants has the ability to help meet the other challenges you face by offering a variety of value-added services.

Remote Tank Monitoring

Schultz Lubricants was the first distributor in the Northeast that had implemented a remote tank monitoring system. We are now installing the next generation wireless system. This unique technology starts with an electronic sensor device that is placed in a customer's bulk oil tank. The sensor collects data and sends it to our facility so we always know what inventory you have on hand—we never let you run out!

Inventory Control and Automation

Our automated inventory control methods have been highlighted by Mobil as one of the finest. This includes our unique automated system of filling containers by weight, rather than by volume. The advantage? Since different products have different per-gallon weights our customers get exactly what they ordered.

Plant Surveys

Our experienced field personnel will tour your facility and make recommendations on material flow, inventory control, product consolidation and equipment surveys.

Metered Bulk Deliveries

Our certified metered bulk deliveries ensure you get the quantity of inventory you ordered each time.

Used Oil Analysis

An analysis of used oil can identify problems, reduce the risk of contamination, unscheduled equipment downtime and faulty maintenance practices.

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