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Why Mobil?

Passenger Vehicle Engine Oils

Mobil markets a range of industry and automotive manufacturer approved passenger vehicle engine oils.

Diesel Engine Oils

Mobil products meet the challenges of modern diesel engines from a single truck to a fleet, from stationery equipment to packaged power plants, from highway mileage to high altitude mining.

Natural Gas Engine Oils

Mobil offers a natural gas engine oil to ensure outstanding engine cleanliness, increased uptime and extended overhaul intervals.

Synthetic Lubricants

When conventional lubricants are not up to the task - consider synthetics. Mobil has been breaking performance barriers with synthetic lubricants for over 50 years. As the leader in development, formulation and application of synthetics, Mobil synthetic lubricants can boost equipment performance, reduce operating costs and perform in your critical or severe applications.

Aviation Lubricants

Mobil offers the latest generation synthetic turbine oils, hydraulic fluids and aviation greases for commercial and recreational aviation customers.


Mobil has developed and designed greases to optimize performance of bearings, gears and machine components under a variety of conditions.

Hydraulic Oils

Mobil hydraulic oils help you meet the load, temperature and responsiveness challenges you face everyday.


Mobil offers crosshead and trunk piston engines oils as well as an array of mineral and synthetic products for your ancillary equipment.


Mobil markets a wide range of automatic transmission fluids that meet industry and automobile manufacturers' standards.

Compressor Oils

For excellent protection against heat and deposits, depend on the Mobil line of premium mineral and synthetic compressor oils.

Gear Lubricants

Whether it's large open gears, critical industrial gear boxes or the final drive on your truck or earth moving equipment, Mobil has the right gear oil for you.

Metal Processing Fluids

Mobil offers a wide range of cutting fluids, coolants, quench oils and rust preventatives to satisfy your manufacturing needs.

Refrigeration Oils

Mobil synthetic and mineral refrigeration oils are designed to satisfy a range of needs from reciprocating compressors that operate at high temperatures, to systems with ozone-friendly HFC refrigerants, to conventional refrigeration compressors than run at sub-zero temperatures.

Turbine Oils

Look to Mobil for a full range of turbine oils that offer excellent wear protection, outstanding resistance to oxidation, protection against rust and corrosion, excellent air-release properties and long oil life.

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